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Anticipating Advent Pt 2

by Pastor Masami Yamamoto

Anticipating Advent Pt 1

by Travis Cole

Redemption Story--Dave Reichert

by Dave Reichert

Shamgar--A Different Drummer

by Jim Velez

Cultural Tsunami--Consumerized

by Pastor Brent Dodrill

Cultural Tsunami--Minimized

Isaiah 62:5

by Pastor Brent Dodrill

Cultural Tsunami--Politicized

Matthew 6:10

by Pastor Brent Dodrill

Redemption Story--Sandy Pense

by Sandy Pense

Looking Forward

by Cory Marcus

Redemption Story--Chace Stalcup

by Chace Stalcup

For THIS Reason-John the Baptist

by Pastor Scott Rotrock

For THIS Reason-Mary, The Wise Men, and Anna

John 5:17-18

by Tim Schweitzer

Redemption Story-Dustin Radford

by Dustin Radford

Imani Milele Choir

Redemption Story-Masami Yamamoto

by Pastor Masami Yamamoto

The IMPACT of a Grandparent

by Pastor Brent Dodrill

Redemption Stories - Steve Stanley

by Steve Stanley

Redemption Stories - Chris Lewis

by Chris Lewis

Redemption Stories - Melanie Hambelton

by Melanie Hambelton

Redemption Stories - Jeromy Adamson

by Jeromy Adamson

Redemption Stories - Susan Bates

by Susan Bates

Redemption Stories - Ryan Carpenter

by Ryan Carpenter

Redemption Stories - Cody Lewis

by Cody Lewis

Redemption Stories - Chris Ernst

by Chris Ernst

Redemption Stories - Kary Gaskill

by Kary Gaskill

Dad's Life Panel

by Pastor Brent Dodrill

Redemption Stories - Tim Schweitzer

by Tim Schweitzer

Mom's Through the Ages

by Pastor Brent Dodrill

Redemption Stories - Rohonda Aqleh

by Rohonda Aqleh