Bible Studies

Bible Studies and Life Groups both meet throughout the year. If you would like to find out more, contact Pastor Masami 503-630-5325

Bible Studies are a vital way we connect each week. Bible Studies are a time of weekly gathering in a personal setting that fosters SPIRITUAL growth and DEEPENING RELATIONSHIPS. If you are looking for our HOME LIFE GROUP BIBLE STUDIES, click on our Life Group page!


Women's Bible Studies:

Most ladies Bibe studies are taking a break over the summer months.    Michelle Underwood's will be the only study that will be continuing through the summer.  

Check back for more information on the studies that will be starting up in the Fall.


Mini Bible Marathons
Wednesday    6:00 - 8:00 pm @ Michelle Underwood’s home
Leader:  Michelle Underwood             
Are you desiring accountability to be in God’s Word? If so, please join us for Mini Bible Marathons where we will look at larger portions of Scripture together. The purpose of our time together will be to set aside quality time to drink deeply from God’s Word. We will follow the sweep of themes and interrelatedness throughout Scripture as we identify specific themes and verses that speak directly to us today and then have an opportunity to respond to the Lord. The Word of God is active and living and speaks powerfully if we allow it to. Our desire in these times is to deepen our love for God, for His Word and for one another as we grow and are transformed through the application of His Word

Men's Bible Studies:

Bibles studies are on hold throught hte summer months.  Check back for more inforamtion on teh studies starting in the fall.

Wednesday Night Adult Bible Study:

On break for the summer.  Keep checking for updates for Fall Studies!


 If you have any questions or you would like to get CONNECTED, please let us know! GET CONNECTED