Estacada First Baptist Church
Celebrating 34 Years of teaching the Awana program




Boys and girls, age 2 to 6th grade, are invited to attend our weekly Wednesday night AWANA Club from 6:15 -8 pm.             
Our club year runs from September through mid-May and children can visit or join our clubs at any time  
during the club year.
The name AWANA was made from the first letters of the following words
                                    and it comes from the Bible in 2 Timothy, Chapter 2, Verse 15.
      The Awana program has been in existence over 75 years.  It is a proven ministry that provides children
      with an opportunity to discover a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to have that relationship
      grow in depth and maturity.  At Awana, kids learn that God is real, He loves them, and He has expressed
      that love through His Son, Jesus Christ.  While they’re learning this, they’re having a blast with game time,
      theme nights, and special family activities.
   AWANA CLUBS at EFBC:                              
      Age: 2 – 3                                                                   Age:  3 – 4                                                    K – 2nd Grade                                          3rd – 4th Grade/5th – 6th Grade
                                                                                             Potty Trained,                                                                                                          Ultimate Adventure / Ultimate Challenge
                                                                                            & in Preschool

AWANA provides many great opportunities, such as fun family events, summer camp, and our very exciting Grand Prix race. It's also a great place to volunteer! Click here for more information. Click here for Fee Schedule. Click here to register. To see the yearly calendar click here.