Pastor's Blog
May 22, 2018

Worship service ???
I have always thought the phrase “worship service” was an interesting term to describe what happens on Sunday mornings in most churches.   I get the “worship” part…but its’ the “service” piece that seems out of place.  I am sure that phrase is connected to the Greek word -“leitourgia” from which we get our English word “liturgy”.   If you do the spade work on this, it refers mostly to the priests who would “serve” and provide “service” to God and the worshipers.   Yet it could be the many people who come to worship are not doing much “service”…but as one pastor said they SIT, SOAK AND SOUR.   There is not much “worship” or “service” going on.
What if we changed our worship paradigm a bit.  What we if worshiped God the way Jesus worshipped and honored His father.   We do know that Jesus attended the synagogue for worship and learning and yet there was much more to His worship.  Jesus whole life was a life of “service”.  He was always active on behalf of people…He served them.
In our “selfie” culture it seems that many of the followers of Jesus have missed the example that Jesus set for them.  We have our phones and our eyes focused more on ourselves than on others. We like to be served instead of serving. 
I want to invite you a new “worship services” this summer.   A chance to worship through service.

August 19– Worship through service by meeting at Estacada High School at 10 am for a clean up project to bless the teachers and students as they prepare to come back to school (more details coming) Sign up on the Connection card.
I hope at least 50 in our church family will attend these “out of the box” worship services.  We will still have our regular “worship service” at our building.  Let’s “be the church” and not just “attend church”.
With you in service for the King