Estacada First Baptist Church
Celebrating 36 Years of teaching the Awana program

AWANA Information for Fall 2021-2022  

Awana Club Wednesday Nights @ 6:30 pm click here to see or download the map for drop off/pick up locations.

**You must register before coming to club. Click here to register 

 We provide an online live option for children that are not able to attend the club on Wednesday Nights or Sunday nights.  If you have a child that cannot attend on Wednesday or Sunday nights, but would like to take part in a club and work on their handbook, please let us know. Click here to find the online videos.


Dear Parents and Awana Clubbers,

    Good news!!!  We have started our Awana Club this year! This year you have two options to attend, Sundays @ 5:30 pm or Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm. We are encouraging people to sign up for or move to Sunday nights as our Wednesday nights are very full.
A few things will change this year because of the virus, but much will remain the same.

Here are a few of the changes you need to be aware of:
1) Each child must be registered before they can attend.   Parents, the only way to register a child this year is online.  You can do this on your smart phone or by computer.  Go to the church App or the Church website and register.  Children that are not registered will have to be turned away until registered. (If you bring a friend or guest, make sure they are registered before you drop them off!!)
2) The building will be divided into separate facilities and the children and leaders for each age group will remain in their area the entire night.  Cubbies in the Education wing, Sparks in the Fireside Room, and Truth & Training will be in the Sanctuary.
3)  There will be no Puggles this year. for ages 2 and under.
4) Leaders will be expected to wear a face covering, but the children will not be required to.
5)  Sorry, but we will not be able to provide a meal before the club, as we have in the past.
6) Parents will not be allowed to enter the building since we need to keep the numbers down for each area, and we need to avoid unnecessary exposure.
7) So, one of the biggest challenges is going to be drop off and pick up.  Each age group will have a specific drop off and pick up spot.  This will inevitably cause a bottleneck at each spot.  Please be ready with a lot of patience as we do our best to make it as quick as possible.
8)  We plan to provide an online live option for children that are not able to attend the club on Wednesday Nights.  If you have a child that cannot attend in person, but wants to take part in a club and work on their handbook. Click here to find the videos on our YouTube channel.


Our Childrens Ministries are up and running,
click here for information about the Fall!

      The Awana program has been in existence over 75 years.  It is a proven ministry that provides children with an opportunity to discover a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to have that relationship grow in depth and maturity.  At Awana, kids learn that God is real, He loves them, and He has expressed that love through His Son, Jesus Christ.  While they’re learning this, they’re having a blast with game time, theme nights, and special family activities.


   AWANA CLUBS at EFBC:                              

Cubbies: 3-4 (Potty Trained)
Sparks: K-2nd grade
T & T: 3rd-6th grade

Wednesday Nights are for the whole Family.


    Make a difference in a kid’s life!  Volunteer to serve in Awana.  

    A Background check is required for all Awana Volunteers. Click here to fill out form.
  Contact Awana COMMMANDER:     Ed Ahrens    503-504-7349