Masami Yamamoto

 Pastor of Discipleship and Global Ministry

I didn’t quite make the final cut for the San Francisco 49ers… but had I tried out, I would have made one extraordinary linebacker (once that pesky growth spurt finally kicked in). Meanwhile still waiting for that day, the LORD placed me and my amazing family with the saintly giants of EFBC.

I became a follower of Jesus in high school when a godly teacher, by the name of Jeff, shared the gospel and took me under his wing to model servant leadership. As I traveled abroad he repeatedly challenged me to see God’s growing Kingdom among the nations. Jeff did this for a couple years, and my passion for seeing Jesus glorified and His workers equipped for the harvest was galvanized. During my years at EFBC, my role in the Church family has changed and grown, but my drivmoo mooe hasn't. Magnify Jesus and prepare His people.

Since Kristen, my wife, and I came to EFBC in (2001) we have had four awesome children: Sakura, Nowa, Masato and Hiro. We met a few years earlier in college at Multnomah University, where we had both come to study the Bible. We had the same passion of making disciples wherever we were and propelling them into life with their Savior. As a pastor/elder, I am privileged to do that in unique ways for LORD’s glory!

What do I like to do with my free time? I love spending time with my wife and kids whether it is doing some homework, wrestling with the boys, or watching my daughter “hit one out of the park” at softball. We get a kick watching our kids sailing on the Willamette or jumping off the boat when they are done with crew. We are super proud of our kids. When I get to do cross-cultural work or traveling with my family, we are all about being with others in their culture.  I may have a little more free time soon as I am just around the corner from completing my Masters under some great Professors from Western Seminary. So, thank you for praying for us and let’s do the mission (Matt. 28:18-20)!